When Can You Get Your Car Washed?

Shine On Car Wash offers professional full-service interior and exterior detail packages in Ozone Park, New York. Learn more about when you can get your car washed.

When Can You Get Your Car Washed?

Shine On Car Wash, located in Ozone Park, New York, is the go-to spot for the cleanest car wash and top-notch cleaning services in Queens and New York. Our professional full-service interior and exterior detail packages are sure to leave your car looking like new. Delta Sonic in DeWitt is one of the few car washes in the state that can reopen under new guidelines. These car washes are allowed to open if customers can wash their cars without interacting with employees.

We understand the process of getting a car wash up and running, and we can help you turn a great business opportunity into a successful reality. Starting any business, especially one with high-end technology like a traditional car wash, is a complex and intimidating task. Most car washes require drivers to drive forward until their front tires are aligned with a rail system that will guide them through the wash. Most automated car washes have a station, similar to a self-service fast food window, where drivers can select the type of car wash they want and pay for it.

Automatic and external car washes that allow customers to pay through an app, an automatic kiosk, a subscription plan or a contract are now allowed. Before the grand opening, be sure to spread the word about your business with on-site advertising as well as ads in print, on the radio, online and possibly on television. After the wash cycle is complete, you'll be notified when it's safe to leave the garage area via a sign or blinking light. Additionally, there will be unlimited washing plans that will let customers wash at any Splash location as many times as they want for a small monthly fee.

The Tommy Car Wash Systems team has hundreds of washes and thousands of installations and developments under their belt. A solid revenue model can help convince investors to contribute capital for your new car wash business, so be prepared to show that you have enough funding to provide high-quality car wash facilities and equipment with great potential for profitability. If you'd rather not spend your Saturday with a water hose, bucket of bubbles and sponge in hand, you may prefer using an automatic car wash to clean your vehicle. Many gas stations even offer discounted car wash services when you buy fuel there.